Vitamins That Are Needed By Men To Keep Their Body Healthy Throughout Life

This vitamin is specifically designed combination of vitamins, and herbs for a male’s anatomy to function at its best. Older males have a very common problem of prostate pains, constipation, impotency and painful urination. All males should start supplementing their diet so that they enjoy best health in later ages.


Liquid life male vitality contains 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving. These are the amino and the most direct source of energy for us. Chemical composition of carbohydrates is combination of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon producing an organic compound. During metabolism this organic compound is broken down to release energy for body functions.

Vitamin C

Liquid life male vitality contains 300 g of Vitamin C per serving. Vitamin c is a very important antioxidant and helps in the production of collagen which is an essential protein for maintaining muscles, blood vessels, bones and cartilage.

Vitamin B12

Liquid life male vitality contains 60mcg of vitamin b12 per serving. It is a very important vitamin and is necessary for energy production from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Cell metabolism doesn’t function without it. Vitamin b12 is a body requirement to have good nerve and blood cell health.

Vitamin B6

Liquid life male vitality contains 5 mg of vitamin b6 or pyridoxine per serving. Vitamin b6 play important role in the production of energy from cell metabolism involving carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Vitamin b6 is very important for human body. Its benefits are in promoting nervous and immune system, energy, and can reduce inflammation of arthritis.

Pantothenic acid

Liquid life male vitality contains 10 mg of pantothenic acid per serving. This B complex vitamin is required for human growth, normal physiological functions and reproduction.

Urtica dioica/urens

Liquid life male vitality contains 300 mg of Urtica dioica per serving. Its common name is stinging nettle. It active ingredients are flavonoids, histamine and many minerals.

Saw Palmetto

Liquid life male vitality contains 80mg of saw palmetto. It is commonly known as serenoa serrulata in botanical terms. It has been commonly used for the treatment of prostitis but still more research is underway to find out to which extent will it help prostate problems. In early years doctors did prescribe to take its tea form for releasing a patient of urination pains. The active constituents present in it are liposterolic which is fat soluble ad provides free fatty acids in concentrated forms.


Liquid life male vitality supplement contains 25 mg of pygeum africanum bark extract per serving. This herb is also known as Prunus africanum. It is an evergreen tree found in southern and central Africa. This herb is also believed to have good affects on prostate problems. Chemical analysis has led to believe that lipophilic extract of this tree bark has ingredients that exhibit anti inflammatory effects. Other naturally occurring ingredients in it can control testosterone activity of prostate indirectly which can reduce BHP risk

Other ingredients included in liquid life male vitality are purified water, natural flavors and colors, sodium benzoate, citric acid and potassium sorbate.

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