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Threats to Health

Whenever your body is forced to defend itself against external threats of physical impurities or discordant influences, such as stress or sensory over-indulgence, it naturally develops the emotions of fear and insecurity. These emotions have the purpose of alerting you to the difficulties your body has in keeping itself vibrant, healthy and efficient.

There are many potential health threats, including a vast number of man-made environmental pollutants. Others are concealed in thousands of different foods and drinks that are factory-made. Adding to the dilemma, most processed and refined foods have lost their natural life force and are of no use other than to provide empty calories and congesting bulk. If there is any naturalness left in these foods, microwave ovens, deep frying and freezing make certain that we receive very little or no life force from the foods we eat.

The immune system is incessantly engaged in trying to defend the body against a number of other noxious things, such as chemical additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, nerve toxins (caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol) and the poisons that make medicinal drugs so ‘effective’.

Then there is the highly acidic metabolic waste product carbon dioxide that the body tries to eliminate with every breath. Just as too much of it in the atmosphere may disturb ecological balance, when we ingest carbonated drinks we force this gas right back into the body. This unnatural situation acidifies the blood and undermines the metabolic health of every cell in the body. A sedentary lifestyle only exacerbates this situation.

If you ingest synthetic drugs such as artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, NutraSweet, Saccharin), the body breaks them down into methanol (wood alcohol) and other poisons. These not only disrupt cell health but also blast endocrine balance. As they begin to break through the brain barrier they cause damage to the central nervous system and cause havoc throughout the body. The FDA has recorded more than 94 symptoms of disease caused by Aspartame alone, including death. Remember, artificial sweeteners are added to over 9,000 different foods and drinks, including cereals, diet drinks, sweets, fruit juices, biscuits, cakes, chewing gum and toothpastes.

Disease Is But Self-defense

When the body is no longer able to adequately deal with these or similar health threats, the immune system enters a dramatic and highly reactive phase of alert. This response is in addition to causing emotional distress, such as anxiety or even panic. Conventional medicine calls it ‘disease’; I call it ‘toxicity crisis.’

Disease doesn’t signal that there is something wrong with the body itself. Rather, it shows that the body is trying to defend itself against something that doesn’t belong there. In truth, there are no diseases, only various stages of self-defense. The body utilizes an entire arsenal of highly sophisticated defense weaponry to ward off the adverse effects resulting from such health threats.

The first line of defense consists of tiny, friendly microorganisms and micro-plasmas (invisible to most microscopes) that live on the skin and in our mucous lining. They exist everywhere in nature. These tiny organisms make up the primary force for maintaining homeostasis or balance in the body.

The second line of defense involves the body’s own immune system, which is dealing mainly with cell protection. It is highly concentrated in the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach’s hydrochloric acid is also used to neutralize harmful elements, such as parasites. If there are a lot of harmful substances passing through the digestive system, the mucous lining increases in size to capture, detoxify and remove the ‘intruders’. The mucus lining normally regenerates itself after contact with the irritating substances. Constant exposure, however, causes this line of defense to be brake up. As a result, various organ structures become susceptible to harmful microbes and get inflamed or injured.

The body’s response to this threat, which makes this the third line of defense, is commonly known as infection. Infection, however, is not caused by microbes, but by the constant overexposure of body tissue to irritating toxins. Microbes are always present in the body and harmless unless they are needed to clean up putrefying and damaged cell tissue. They produce strong toxins as part of their clean-up activities. The infection itself, which often involves major lymphatic activity and inflammatory swelling, results from a massive immune response (increase of antibodies and immune cells.) At this stage of disease development, scar tissue may be formed and defects begin to occur. This marks the beginning of chronic illness, which represents the final line of defense.

Cell Mutation

When toxins eventually make their way into the tissue surrounding the cells of the body (called connective tissue) and into the cells themselves, some of them are cut off from their oxygen or nutrient supply. This causes the cell’s internal environment to become acidic, too, rendering its own defense system ineffective. To survive the assault by the acidic substances, the cell’s nucleus has no other choice but to mutate, that is, to reprogram its genes to behave in a cancerous manner.

Yet this response also is just another aspect of the body’s clever defense strategies. The cell sacrifices its normal balanced state to protect the body against sudden demise through septic poisoning or wasting. Cancer cells have learned to live without oxygen (anaerobic). To obtain energy for cell survival, they utilize metabolic waste products that are stuck in the acidified, congested area; this in turn brings temporary relief for the body.

Cancer is one of the body’s final survival attempts to minimize the life-threatening toxicity that is suffocating an area of cell tissue. When the connective tissue surrounding the cells of the body becomes saturated with highly acidified, undigested foods such as animal protein, acidosis results. Acidosis is the most common cause of illness; in fact it can paralyze the entire immune system. In such case, the cancer serves as an emergency immune system to help the body survive a little longer than it would otherwise. Eventually, however, this strategy fails, unless the concentration of toxicity is drastically reduced.

When Your Body Speaks

The physical appearance of disease always is usually accompanied by the emergence of hitherto repressed emotions that have lurked in the shadow of one’s personality. Thus, cancer, which marks the collapse of the body’s primary defense lines, is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the body/mind complex to bring to the surface of one’s attention an underlying emotional self-attack.

Having a harmful ‘habit’ is basically a form of self-denial. When you deny yourself anything in life, due to feelings of guilt or low worthiness, you will look for external or more superficial ways to gain satisfaction. When this strategy fails, you may express your dismay perhaps in the following manner: “I can’t cope anymore”, “God doesn’t love me” or “It’s all so unfair!” And if you don’t like yourself the way you are, with all your faults and gifts, you naturally tend to seek love and attention from others. All your energy and passion are channeled into securing external acceptance and approval because you believe that you are lacking these within – that you are not good enough.

Low self-worth puts you on the defense. This usually occurs when you can’t get from others what you actually want from yourself. You are truly seeking self-empowerment in life; it is built into you as a natural survival instinct. Because it is not in your best interest to have your expectations fulfilled by others, you will most likely to be disappointed more often than less if you try. To bury your hurt or deny it, you may try to cover up the frustration of not getting what you want from others or from the world. At the same time, though, you will attempt to fill the inner void with such forms of self-destruction as abusing alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, junk food, sex, money, power and influence. Each one of those attempts represents an unbalanced perception of yourself.

The body, in turn, is forced to defend itself against these direct or indirect assaults until one defense line after another breaks down. The final phase of the body’s of defense intelligence is chronic illness, such as heart disease, arthritis or cancer. These diseases are nothing but a last S-O-S call by the body to alert you that it is under attack and that it wants to be treated kindly. Like every living being on this planet, each cell of the body wants to be accepted for what it is and for what it contributes to the whole.

Health And Self-image

The degree of physical health and wellness reflects the degree of self-acceptance and self-honor. Love, health and vitality emerge or are naturally present when you love and accept each part of yourself, especially your shadow side – the side of you that you rarely let others see. The degree of self-love determines how much love and kindness others mirror back to you. Being loved by others can never really satisfy you unless you feel that same love for yourself.

In reality, there is no low self-worth or lack of any kind, only a flawed perception of yourself. Taking your health into your hands is a very powerful and direct way to bring forth your inner power, sense of security and love of self. Your body will have no more need to defend itself in any respect, because it feels loved by you and receives what it needs to fulfill its purpose.

Someone who assumes positive responsibility for everything that happens to him is free from the illusion of injustice, of being a victim of sorts. He bears no judgment against himself, and therefore against anyone else. Everything is seen as appropriate and purposeful, a gift of his own divine intention. If something doesn’t make much sense, it still has value for him. He knows there is a larger picture involved, and trusts that both the light and dark, the right and wrong, health and sickness, good and bad are necessary attributes to strengthen his relationship with his Higher Self and that of all other beings.

Illness and even death are not indications of punishment, but can be seen as useful opportunities to complete ourselves even further. There are no real victims in life. If it were so, it would violate the universal law of non-interference. We cannot be attacked or harmed by someone else or by nature and its forces unless we have agreed to this on the level of Higher Self for reasons of growth and learning.

You Create Your Own Experiences

Each one of us is always in control. We are the creators of all our personal life experiences, whether they are beautiful and uplifting, or frustrating and depressing. Everything can be purposeful in life if we give it that meaning. There is no independent purpose or meaning to an event but the one we attach to it. Someone may give a positive meaning to his illness and accepts it as life-altering event, whereas another chooses to see it as living in hell. The first one may become a healer because of this experience; the second one spreads bitterness and spews anger around him.

There is always a choice in how you interpret a given situation. The choice carries the power to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. One person uses this power to heal his body from an illness, while another person uses the same power to belittle himself and violate his body even further. Healing takes place spontaneously once self-attack and self-denial come to an end. Cleansing the body is an act of love and self-acceptance and is interpreted by the body as a green light to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Cleansing Is An Act Of Love

To successfully remove fear, anger, traumas, low self-worth from the cellular memory of the body you need to cleanse it from impurities. This will persuade the body that there is no further need to defend itself, that is, to become ill. All so-called negative emotions are not actually held within the body’s own cellular or intercellular structure, but within the accumulated toxic waste material. Anger, for example, is energetically trapped within gallstones that block the bile ducts of the liver or are held inside the gallbladder. Most people in the developed world store between 500 and 5,000 of these stones in the liver alone. These highly toxic, bacteria-infested stones keep the frequency of consciousness low, which coerces you to deal with and, hopefully, learn from the emotions of resentment and anger.

By clearing the stones and toxins from the bile ducts of the liver and from the gallbladder, you naturally remove the trapped emotions. Deciding to do this, however, is far less an intellectual decision than an emotional one. You will know it in your gut when it is time to cleanse your liver. If you need to be persuaded to do this, it is probably not the right time. It is a true act of self-love to purify the body. When you feel it, there is no more choice you need to make; you have already made it. Many life lessons are mastered through this one simple act of self love. A person who purges his liver from these stones feels uplifted, more kind and loving toward himself and others. His frequency vibrates at a higher note – the note of love and self-acceptance.

Likewise, dissolving and removing grease, crystals, and/or stones that have accumulated in the kidneys and bladder removes old fear from the body; this kind of fear is usually related to one’s upbringing and/or difficulties with parents. Deep colon cleansing, as it occurs during a colonic irrigation, allows the body to release old beliefs and self-imposed limitations. Unless you cleanse the body physically, emotional cleansing may be a never-ending process. This is because any kind of congestion in the digestive system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, urinary system, circulatory system, etc. triggers fear in the body. And fear feeds all other negative emotions. Learning to trust that your health is in your hands unerringly leads you to emotional, physical and spiritual freedom.

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