You Need A Digital Video Converter If You Want Digital Video Flexibility

With all of the technological products on the market, it’s easy to get confused about what a digital video converter is and what it does. There are so many similar products around and a sea of acronyms to perplex and confuse the consumer even further. So what is a digital video converter and what does it do?

One company that sells the digital video converter is Plextor, found online at plextor dot com. Via their website, they sell several different types of converters that do a variety of tasks. The basic principle behind the digital video converter is the same in most cases, which can make finding one and learning about it a little bit easier.

Essentially, a converter converts video into a different format. So a digital video converter, like the ones sold by Plextor, can convert video from your television into a variety of different formats that you can play on your computer or iPod, for instance. You can convert video footage from your TV into MPEG formats, including MPEG-4 depending on the converter you use, DivX and other formats that can make transporting your footage to other formats easy.

So if you have a favorite program that you’ve been watching on HDTV DVD and you want to convert the formatting to MPEG-4 so that you can watch it on your computer or your personal media player, you would use a converter to do so. Video can be captured from your television, DVD player, VCR and even your camcorder so that you can transfer it into the medium you want it to be. This makes it easy to have footage at your fingertips in a variety of formats.

Transferring and recording data from your plasma LCD TV into MPEG-4 formatting so that you can share what you’ve seen is a great way to experience different types of programming and share what you’ve seen with others on the internet or through other mediums. Even Direct TV HDTV programming can be converted into DivX formatting for easy file transfer and sharing with a digital video converter.

Some digital video converters even use multi-format encoders that allow you to encode footage into multiple formats, all at once, as you record the footage. Think of it as a VCR that also records programming in other formats at the push of a button. It really is that simple with the right converter, as you are able to transfer footage from your television to MPEG-4 and DivX formats all with the push of a button. For those into technological gadgets and toys, a digital video converter is a must-have.

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