What is Breema Bodywork in Massage Therapy?

Breema bodywork is a kind of body therapy that utilizes simple forms of tactility and body movement. There exists two kinds of of breema therapy.

  • Self-breema exercises
  • Bodywork

The purpose of both kinds is to increase the energy flow of the body and to bring the body to the present time. Self-breema exercises utilize gentle body stretches and nurturing touch in a nonjudgmental environment to bring about mental, physical, and emotional balance for optimal health.

Normally, a breema bodywork session takes place on the floor using a padded mat or cushioned surface such as a massage cushion while the patient is still dressed. The therapist then initiates a series of movements on the patient that include tension-relieving stretches, the holding of different poses, and muscle leans and pulls. The focus of these movements is to gently stretch out the muscles of the body not so much as to cause discomfort on the patient.

There exist nine (9) principles of harmony in breema exercises:

  • Body comfort–Breema exercises are supposed to be relaxing and comfortable. They focus on the body as a whole in place of targeting unique parts. There is no place for discomfort in this therapy.
  • Firmness and gentleness–Breema exercises are supposed to be firm and gentle. The key to this technique is that the pressure applied to the patient needs to be firm and gentle at the same time.
  • Mutual support–The giving and receiving of support during breema therapy has to take place at the same time.
  • No haste/No pause–The therapist must maintain natural rhythm of movements while not rushing or pausing between movements.
  • No force–The activities involved in breema do not include any kind of force.
  • Individual moment/individual activity–Each of the specifically designed movements is different and functions on its own. There is a purpose in each and every movement.
  • Non-judgmental environment–Breema bodywork is conducted in an environment of non-judgment. This allows the patient to feel comfortable and accepted as they maintain present time consciousness.
  • Full participation–The patient is required to partake fully and not just lie there passively. This participation includes his mind, body, and feelings in order for breema bodywork to be effective.
  • No more extras–The goal of breema bodywork therapy is to help the patient express themselves to their fullest potential. Nothing extra is needed.

Through every breema therapy session, the patient benefits by exhibiting mental clarity, mental and physical relaxation, and balance of energy and emotions. Breema bodywork is a great form of therapy for those who want to pursue a life of balance and harmonies while at the same time nurture their body.

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