Weight Loss Diets That Work – The Secret Truth About Which Diets Work & Which Ones Don’t!

Do you feel like that no matter what it is you do, you just can never seem to find weight loss diets that work? My friend, it is not your fault! There are so many misconceptions, schemes, scams, and whatever else you can think of to call these ridiculous diet programs out these days tricking us dieters and taking our hard earned money! Listen, the truth about these diets will now be revealed and what WILL work out for you much more better will also be revealed in this article here. Read on to learn more!

First things first. If you have been severely lowering the amount of calories you get each day, restricting carbs, restricting fats, and depriving yourself of your favorite foods, then I highly recommend you stop right now this second! I did all of those things once before and I NEVER got anywhere with improving my body, and this is not just for me, this also goes for millions of other people who also fell for those gimmicky fad diets (low carb, low calorie, low fat, etc.).

Why don’t those diets work? Well, what I learned later on was that the body is not stupid. Once you start restricting key nutrients or you try and lower your calories WAY too much, then the body will begin to rebel… badly! What typically ends up happening is that you will lose natural energy, slow your metabolism down (which causes your body to store fat instead of burning it off), and you can end up with ping-pong weight loss (pounds come off… pounds come right back)!

You see, the truth is that food is not our enemy. The body wants food, but it just wants it in a special way. When you respond to your body and give it what it wants, this is what will cause incredible results lightning fast! The diet I went on catered to this rule flawlessly.

What it did was firstly design a customized (which meant that I was able to choose the foods I loved) menu plan of 4 smart sized meals (meaning there was no serious calorie reduction) for me to eat each day. Now, the trick was that these meals were specially designed in a way that would trick my metabolism into soaring to the maximum peak. This special trick is called “shifting”. This method is based on the theory that the metabolism regulates itself according to your daily eating pattern, and what it does is it will break this pattern by strategically alternating when you’ll eat different nutrients. This will boost your metabolism and cause crazy fast results!

The bottom line for me using this type of diet was that I lost belly fat, I lost 4 inches off my waist, and I dropped a whopping 52 pounds in 2 months time… permanently!

The bottom line for you is that if you are sick and tired of being played for a fool with these thieves (better known as fad diets), and you want to finally get the body you deserve, then I highly recommend that you search for a program that is based on getting PROPER nutrition and also increasing your metabolism to the maximum peak. Trust me on this, you are going to find it WAY more simpler, effective, and consistent with getting in shape than you ever thought possible!

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