Wall Mounts – Offers Convenience and Flexibility

Getting a mount for your plasma or flat screen TV is a good idea as it not only enhances the aesthetics of the room but also frees up valuable floor space. Using a mount to showcase your television or a home theater gives you and other viewers a good viewing angle and height. At the same time the arrangement looks highly professional.

A TV mount consists of a special arrangement that is attached to the back of the television with the help of special brackets which in turn is bolted to the wall by drilling holes at heights which you find you most suitable for viewing. Are you still apprehensive about the arrangement and concerned about the safety of your expensive television sets? There is hardly any cause for worry.

TV mounts are categorized by screen size and the weight of the TV. They are also available in different types. Each TV mount comes with a recommendation of the specific screen size that it can be fitted on. In many instances these size may not relate to the actual screen size of your television but to the spacing of the mount holes on the back of the TV. Sets with a non-standard mount hole design may not fit on such mounts even though their screen size may match the recommended category.

Load refers to the maximum weight the mount is designed to carry. If the mount has a load capacity of 120lbs, putting up any set that weighs more than 120lbs can be quite risky. There are various types of TV mounts available in the market. The fixed type is recommended for those households where there is no need to alter your screen position. They are the most simple and inexpensive mounts available in the market and are the easiest to install. The TV is a fixed mount is held close to the wall to give a flushed look. Since the screen position cannot be moved after the installation has been done, it is important to adjust the glares and lighting properly before the set is fixed.

Tilting TV mounts helps in shifting the screen position by a few degrees up or down. They are slightly more expensive than the fixed TV mounts. If you require total flexibility in a TV mount then it is recommended that you buy the articulating mount. It has a three axis movement and it has the ability to pull the TV away from the wall by quite some distance. Swivel movements allow you to position your TV in any direction.

TV mounts are the best way to position and view your TV and at the same time improve the looks of your room.

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