The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Needs 3 Key Elements

The first word that comes to one’s mind when we talk about weight loss is “dieting”. Yes, weight loss and dieting are extremely related to each other. Every year, millions of people starve themselves to lose weight. Most people drastically reduce their calorie intake because they think they don’t have the time and patience to reduce weight the RIGHT WAY, but just starving one’s self is not going to help you reach your fat loss goals. If you want fast and easy fat loss, you have to follow a scientifically-proven system that allows you to have your favorite foods once or twice a week, but still keeps your body in “fat-burning mode”.

We know that thousands, if not millions of people are looking for rapid weight loss plans every day. Though they know that being overweight is very bad for their health, what they don’t understand is that the quick weight loss diets recommended by most so called “experts” do more harm than good to your metabolism – the main function of the body that allows you to burn fat.

Research shows that if you want the right fat loss diet or exercise, you have to have to eat balanced meals (i.e. correct food combinations) that don’t raise your insulin level. As high insulin levels are known to reduce fat burning, you should always eat food with the goal of keeping your insulin level low. So what do you have to do to keep the insulin level in check? Balance out your fat loss diet with the correct food combinations.

It’s extremely important not to have a meal with only carbohydrates or only protein. You have to have the right combination of carbohydrates, protein and “healthy” fat in every one of your meals. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you as you read this – you need to have some amount of fat (good fat) in your “weight loss diet meals”. Adding a little healthy fat in each of your meals, effectively keeps blood sugar stable and insulin lower.

Besides food combinations, the next crucial element for your rapid fat loss plan is correct timing. Though carbohydrates are essential for energy, one should usually only eat carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch and other snacks/meals earlier in the day. Eating high-carbohydrate foods after 3pm (for women, 6pm for men), when your metabolism is starting to slow down, will only cause an unnecessary increase in blood sugar and insulin. Hence, you will start to store fat.

Therefore, in closing, your best bet for efficient fat loss is to eat four to five smaller meals per day with at least 3 hours between each meal and watch your carbohydrate intake later in the day. It’s that simple! Obviously, there are a lot more “secret tricks” that can be used to manipulate your body’s ability to “find and burn fat again”, but timing, combination and portion control are the three most basic elements that any healthy weight loss diet program must have.

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