The Abs Diet Review – This Abs Diet Review Tells You What You Need to Know About Abs Diets

The Abs Diet review that you will be reading shortly may help you gain knowledge on this revolutionary program. Many people believe that to lose weight it is necessary to starve oneself and significantly limit calorie intake. While it is true that this kind of diet will most likely result in weight loss, following it may also result in muscle loss, fatigue and mood changes as well as other health-related conditions. In the long run, a calorie-restricted diet may not be effective in weight loss because the lost weight from the sudden drop in calories will most likely be regained. There is a phenomenon in weight loss called the rebound effect where people who lost weight suddenly due to a crash diet regains the lost weight and more after some time

There’s a new diet movement that instead of telling people to stay hungry to lose weight, is advocating them to eat up and stay full. It is a diet that trashes the notion that people need to be deprived and starved in order to be fit. It is a diet that focuses on what people should eat rather than what they should not. This diet is called the Abs Diet and this is the Abs Diet review.

Created by Men’s Health USA editor-in-chief David Zinczenko, the Abs Diet promises to strip away the fat through a diet plan that is composed of simple and easy to prepare nutrient-dense meals. The best part is it promise to get rid of belly fat first and replace it with pure muscle. The cornerstones of the Abs power diet are the 12 so-called power foods that provide the best kind of nutrient for living a healthy and fit lifestyle. The Abs power diet consists of including two or three of 12 power foods in the main meals and one or two of them for snacks.

In a nutshell, the Abs Diet seems like a very sensible plan to lose weight that, for a change, focuses on what to eat rather than what to avoid. If you have tried several diets before that did not work then consider trying the Abs power diet. The Abs Diet review you are reading right now gives a high recommendation for this diet that you can find here [].

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