Stress Busters and Brain Balance for Your Life

We all are bombarded by noise, constant activity and stress producing situations in modern life. Believe it or not there are simple techniques that quickly help anybody of all ages become less stressed with their brain integrated and more balanced as they go through their day. It becomes very difficult for most of us to do and think at the same time when we are under too much stress.

When we are functioning at our best, clear messages feed from all parts of the body to the brain and back again in a loop. Kinesiology has been defined as the study of the body in movement. It teaches simple yet profound techniques for switching on the brain/body connection to support proper balance. This field of study brings together principles and techniques from Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, energy theory, brain research, stress management and more.

Let us look briefly at your backpack of stress. What’s in there on a daily basis?

Do you have emotional trauma, or worries or anxieties to deal with? Are there physical stressors like shallow breathing, not able to get enough physical exercise, physical ailments or issues? Do you eat or drink on the run because of your fast paced schedule? Do you have allergies that cause you trouble? Are you tired or sleep deprived?

Believe it or not one of the number one stress busters and brain balancers is water. Water gives your brain and body the hydration it needs to work properly. Drinking water heightens energy, improves concentration and academic skills.There is also a quick exercise to help relieve stress and balance you. Massage under the collarbone, both sides of the sternum. Then massage above and below your lips gently. You will be surprised how quickly this helps in stressful situations. Another one which is one of my favorite exercises for brain balance and stress relief is called Cross Patterning. You do a set of cross patterning marching across the room (if you can) with one elbow touching the oppose knee and then the other elbow crossing your body and touching your other knee.Children especially love to do this and it helps them focus very quickly.

For more information on many simple techniques look up Brain Gym which was developed over 30 years ago by Gail and Paul Dennison. they have books for teachers, business workers, parents and children. They also have a great website called Hearts at Play that I highly recommend.

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