Soccer Speed – 3 Body Weight Exercises to Build Strength, Power and Speed For Youth Soccer Players

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to increase soccer speed in a soccer game to beat your opponent to the ball, to make an effective run down the flanks or just simply out run your opponent when you have the ball? Well I am guessing those thoughts may have come across your mind. Regardless if you have or have not does not matter.

I am going to give you three simple body weight exercises that you can do either in the comfort of your own home or at your closest soccer field.

1) Squats — Squats are the base exercise to most lower body strength programs. This exercise challenges the major muscles of the lower body as well as the core muscles. My preference is that you do three different versions of the squat.

Front Squat — Place your hands in front of you at shoulder height. As you lower to the ground lower the arms as well. When you rise from the lowest point your hands should rise as well. There is more work done by the glute (buttock muscles)

Overhead Squat — Place you hands directly above head and lower up and down. Squatting this way adds a little more resistance to your stomach core muscles.

Back Squat – Place your hands behind your head with your finger tips barely touching the back of the head.

2) Lunges — partially recreate the movement that occurs in both running and sprinting on the soccer field. Also lunges are single leg exercises. This is important because most of a soccer game is played on one foot.

3) Jumps — sometimes known as “plyometrics”, are good. These type of exercises help develop elastic recoil in the legs.

Here is a simple routine using these exercises:

A) Squat 5 times

B) Lunge 5 times each leg — take turns alternating

C) Jump up to stool or box five times.

Complete 5 squats immediately followed by 5 lunges each leg followed by 5 jumps. then rest for 90 seconds and repeat 2-4 times.

Each of the exercises may be done with or without weights.

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