Right Way To Lose Weight

The Right Medicine For Our Body Is The Correct Diet, Says Dietician Ritu Sharma Of ‘Ritu’s Diet’ Fame.

What prompted me to write this article is the increase in number of youngsters coming to my clinic (Ritu’s Diet) with numerous diseases. A girl in her teen came with PCOD, Hyperthroid, high triglyceride and obesity. I later felt the need to educate kids to learn a lifelong habit of right eating for mental and physical strength. You can find many such examples but whom to blame for their suffering? Stress, depression and obesity are also taking a heavy toll on kid’s health. Obesity is most common nutritional disorder and a major health concern worldwide. It puts a strain on the kidneys, liver, heart and other organs and increase the risk of diabetes, heart problems, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. About 40 per cent of cancers are diet related, according to the American Institute of Cancer Research.

No two human beings are alike; each as a different size, metabolic composition, body shape, health issues, genetic-makeup etc. So there can never be a diet which works for all. Don’t believe if someone says so. Our diets have to be customized to our body needs. Individual requirements of each nutrient are related to a person’s age, gender, level of physical activity, state of health and many other factors. Each nutrient has a particular series of functions. Excess or deficiency of nutrient can lead to diseases. For instance, selenium (RDA 30-60 mcg) which is required to maintain in youthfulness and slow down the aging process, is mainly found in barley and wheatgerm. High doses of selenium can result in alopecia (patchy baldness), emotionally instability and deficiency lead to cancer, cardio-vascular, disease and premature ageing.

Diet therapy is a better option than weight loss for those who have already tried to lose weight through unhealthy ways.

One should understand that right way to lose weight is to have proper customized diet.

Do you know that we need nutrients in our daily intake? Most food contain several nutrients but no one food contains them all. That’s why atleast once one should have a customized diet plan. When milk is converted into curd, can we convert back curd into milk? The point is one should always take care of diet and remember that lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes will never go away once they come into one’s life; they can only be controlled. So prevention is better than cure.

Dietician Ritu Sharma (M.Sc.- Food & Nutrition) has more than 14 Years of experience in hospitals, gyms and working with people from all walks of life- including those in the film industry, politics and sports. She also works with women and children and currently provides diet consultancy from her clinic.

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