Online Therapy – Finding a Dream Translator and Sound Mental Health

I know you are desperate, and you don’t trust anyone. You are lucky because my work is ready and you can immediately understand the meaning of your dreams. You will immediately verify the value of this information.

Since you don’t know the dream language you need a professional dream translator. Later you’ll learn the dream language yourself. In the beginning I will translate your dreams for you. I will also provide you with psychotherapy after my scientific translations. You will surely find peace and sound mental health thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

I accurately translate the meaning of the dream symbols, relating this information to your life story. This is why your short life biography is indispensable. Otherwise, I cannot clearly understand why the unconscious mind is sending you the messages I read in your dreams.

You will verify from the beginning that the unconscious mind knows everything about your and your life.

Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation, as I prove with my research. I followed his steps. At a certain point, I could better understand the dream language. I continued Jung’s research, making new discoveries. Before publishing my ebooks online I cured many people through dream therapy for two decades. My work is not theoretical. It is clinical; in other words it is practical.

You will immediately understand the unconscious messages in your dreams, and how this knowledge can help you in your life.

I wouldn’t dedicate my life to dream interpretation if dreams were not so powerful. I had no intention to work treating horrible mental illnesses. I’m an artist. I have an extraordinary literary talent.

I became a psychiatrist and psychologist because I had the moral obligation to transmit my knowledge to the world. I only wanted to find the cure for my own neurosis, but I discovered the cure for all mental illnesses thanks to my obedience to the unconscious wisdom.

After continuing Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche, I discovered the roots of human absurdity. At the same time, I discovered the unconscious sanctity. Carl Jung discovered that the unconscious mind was the voice of divine providence, but he was a cold scientist. He couldn’t perceive the unconscious sanctity like me, who was an artist.

The unconscious psychotherapy in dream messages is a true blessing. The unconscious mind will show you the truth about yourself, and about your environment.

Each one has dreams about their main problems. For example, some people have frequent nightmares because they are neurotic. Other people have recurring dreams about their relationship and the person they love because they have a problematic relationship. There are also many people who have constant dreams about their past. This happens because they repeat an immature behavior they used to have when they were young.

Your dreams give you answers and solutions about your most important problems right now. The unconscious mind is a saintly mind that protects your sanity.

Thanks to the wonderful internet that unites the entire world, we can instantly exchange many email messages. After my translations we will talk about your problems and the unconscious guidance until you’ll feel that you have really found the support you were looking for.

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