Olive Oil In Diet Better Than Whole Grain Bread

For those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, new research has shown that the daily use of Olive Oil in your meal is especially beneficial. In fact the use of Olive Oil seems to be even more beneficial then eating an extra slice of whole wheat bread. This is the outcome of research by members of the John Hopkins University on a comparison between three “health diets”.

An Olive Oil rich diet lowers the blood pressure and the Cholesterol level much more then a carbohydrate rich diet. Compared to a protein rich food an olive oil rich diet is easier to digest.

Scientists from the John Hopkins University have researched the DASH-diet. (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). This diet has been developed a few years ago to aid people with high blood pressure problems. The researchers have compared DASH to two alternative diets and have published their conclusion in the Journal of the American Medical Association

The DASH diet contains a lot of carbohydrates. You eat muesli for breakfast, whole grain bread for lunch and pasta for dinner. This is combined with fish, chicken and nuts and olive oil

The other two diets tested are a protein rich and a carbohydrate rich variation of the DASH diet, but with no olive oil.

All three diets did lower blood pressure and cholesterol significantly but the diet that contained the olive oil stood out as the most effective. It lowered blood pressure and cholesterol just a bit more. And these factors are an important determinant of the long-term onset of cardiovascular disease.

All participants in the research reported that it was fairly easy to comply with each of these diets. But the participants in the protein rich variety complained more often about digestive problems and as a result of that they tended to be less physically active then the control group.

So this is an outcome that supports the Mediterranean Diets with their high Fish (Omega 3 fatty acids) and Olive Oil content even more.

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