Obesity in the American Population

America is getting fatter. It is also living longer. The combination results in an increasing amount of obesity-related health problems. Not only is America getting fatter, but also it is getting fatter at a younger age so that means Americans are living with their fat for a longer period of time. This condition contributes to an increase in major disabilities amongst the older population.

One health problem that is increasing is chronic kidney disease. The incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes is also rising. All of these are related to obesity.

Many people over sixty years of age are unable to stoop and lift a moderate amount of weight, walk a few blocks or stand up easily from an armless chair.

Obesity can be due to genetic inheritance but lifestyle plays a huge part. And making lifestyle changes can certainly combat obesity. You can’t change your genes but you can change your eating habits. You do not have to over-eat. Like exercise over-eating is a habit, just not a good one.

If you are obese and have children in your household, you should monitor their eating habits also. Childhood obesity is on the increase and many schools are implementing programs to combat it as well as prohibiting sugary snacks from being sold on campus and promoting healthy, nutritious snacks.

Exercise goes a long way to control obesity. Those exercises categorized as strengthening exercises build muscle. Muscle, in turn, burns more calories. So a person performing muscle strengthening exercises can consume more food without tipping the scales.

This is especially important for children. It is a good guess that childhood obesity is due more to inactivity than overeating. If children were more active, they could probably still consume the same amount of food without gaining weight. Today’s children spend an inordinate amount of time in sedentary activities such as watching TV and playing computer games. The couch potato club used to host the forty something crowd. Now it is also a kids’ club.

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with overeating is especially hazardous to children’s health. Due to the continued advances in medical science, today’s children will live longer. But they may live obese for ninety percent of their life span. This will certainly cause them many problems as they age. And sadly, these problems could be prevented.

A sensible eating plan will cure obesity. Fad diets don’t work. Weight should be lost slowly and steadily. Exercise needs to be an intrinsic part of any weight loss program, especially for children.

If people follow these guidelines they will be able to maintain their desired weight once they achieve it. Many people who have struggled with obesity report that it is more difficult to keep the weight from piling back on than it is to lose it. In the past people have tried to lose weight so they would look better. While it is certainly desirable to be attractive, the primary goal for weight loss is to feel better.

Obesity either prevents one from engaging in many fun activities or makes these activities more difficult to perform. Being at an optimum weight for your height and body mass improves the quality of life, not just your appearance.

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