Mental Health – The Relationship Between Evilness And Absurdity

Your dreams are not images produced by chance. They are images produced by God. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind. Many ancient civilizations believed that our dreams are sent by God. They could interpret the meaning of dreams, but they didn’t transmit this knowledge to the new generations.

The atheistic and materialistic modern civilization eliminated the faith in God’s existence. Today most people believe that dreams have no meaning.

However, Carl Jung’s research and discoveries, and my research and discoveries after continuing his work put an end to atheism on Earth. Everyone can verify God’s existence and have a direct communication with Him through dream messages. This is a valid and real proof that God is alive. You can verify this truth by yourself.

You will observe that your dreams contain important information about your psychological problems, and also about your daily problems, your relationship problems, and every matter that is worrying you. This information fits your reality and gives you many explanations. The superior knowledge you have obviously comes from a superior mind.

God in your dreams appears as the sky or the roof. You also have a series of dreams about the temple and the church. If you have faith, you will have many dreams about your religion, relating this information to your psychological system.

If you are atheist you will understand the religious side of your mental condition after solving your psychological problems. The divine unconscious mind is very patient.

I started following dream therapy based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because I understood I had serious psychological problems that had to be solved. I was not an atheist, but I had passed through a long period of atheism during my adolescence. My faith was weak.

I could understand the real dimension of dreams only after four years of studies and research. I had many psychological problems. I always was angry and depressed.

The unconscious mind helped me calm down. In the beginning I was considering the unconscious mind as a superior mind, without relating this information to the religious education I had. I could understand the religious side of my contact with God only after solving my psychological problems.

I had studied during twelve years in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns. In the beginning of my psychotherapy through dream translation I noticed the presence of nuns whenever I had dangerous and vivid nightmares.

Later I understood the symbolic meaning of the nuns in my dreams. They represented religious parts of my personality that were helping my ego face the truth about the human nature.

I discovered that the origin of all mental illnesses is the existence of a wild conscience in the human brain. I named it anti-conscience because this wild conscience tries to destroy our human conscience. The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics.

Then, I understood that evilness and craziness are synonyms. Our tiny human conscience must obey God’s guidance in dreams and in our religion in order to avoid becoming mentally ill. This is the same as to say that we have to obey God’s guidance in order to prevent our satanic side from destroy our human side.

The religious meaning of your fight with your anti-conscience is the fight of the human being existent in your conscience against your satanic anti-conscience, which is constantly trying to make you prefer what is bad instead of becoming a better person. You have God’s help in this fight, not only in your religion, as well as in your own dreams. You only have to learn the right method of dream interpretation, which was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

Evilness generates absurdity. In order to be a mentally healthy person you must eliminate all the evilness you have inherited into your anti-conscience. This evilness generates anger, cruelty, and violent reactions. This is how all mental illnesses begin.

You have to become a wise and sensitive human being.

The unconscious mind helps you eliminate all the violence and the immorality you have inherited into your anti-conscience. This is a big advantage because you understand how to purify your spirit after understanding your mistakes. You understand when you are influenced by your wild side.

You learn how to stop being vulnerable to the interference of your anti-conscience’s absurd and negative thoughts. You are able to prevent your anti-conscience from entering into your reasoning system.

When you purify your spirit you begin a new life without sins. Therefore, you can easily distinguish the negative thoughts of your anti-conscience, and send them away until they will stop invading your human conscience.

If you ignore the difference between what is positive or negative for you, you open the doors for your evil anti-conscience. You have to be careful and learn how to surpass your anti-conscience by following God’s guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

All religions are true. All religions are very important and there is a point where they are related. You should respect this scientific and religious discovery now that the scientific method of dream interpretation gives explanations for all religious mysteries, besides curing all mental illnesses, including severe mental illnesses that cannot be cured by today’s psychiatrists.

God is a perfect doctor. You can trust His guidance. This is the beginning of a new historical time.

Everyone will use dream translation to solve their problems, and many other problems that are torturing the human race. Most importantly, the importance of goodness for the maintenance of our mental health will become known. This knowledge will help us transform our world into a place where goodness will really exist.

Right now there is only false goodness on Earth.

Today the word ‘goodness’ seems to be used only in documents written for children. Nobody believes they should make their decisions based on goodness.

God will help the human race understand the importance of goodness for our mental stability and for our happiness. Without goodness, there is no peace. We indispensably need goodness in order to deal with our complex and diverse reality.

God’s words in your own dreams will help you understand the essential. You will stop wasting time with suppositions and superficial thoughts.

Your dreams are about your biggest problems, the challenges you have to face, your future, your past traumas, the consequences of various mistakes that influenced your life, and everything else that is very important for you. You will be surprised with all the knowledge you will find in the dream messages.

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