Men’s Sexual Health: Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), which is popularly referred to as impotence, represents a condition whereby men become incapable of achieving or maintaining an erection during sexual activity. The most common sign of ED is a decreased sexual desire. Usually, men get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction once the condition persists for several weeks or months.

Depending on the cause, ED can be treated. However, this condition is nearly always curable. And, while there are an array of treatments for ED, a majority of men prefer natural alternatives. This overview looks at the natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Get moving

We have a couple of lifestyle changes, which can help with your erectile dysfunction problem. But, among all options, exercising has the greatest impact. Engaging in physical activity works on different fonts with regards to combatting ED.

Firstly, it helps in improving blood flow, a crucial factor for having a strong erection. Moreover, weight-lifting exercises boost the natural production of testosterone. Testosterone is a vital factor when it comes to erectile strength and sex drive.

Adhere to a strict sleep schedule

One aspect that is often ignored when examining the effects of erectile dysfunction entails poor sleeping patterns. Back in 2011, a study that was published in the Brain Research tried to explore the effects of sleep loss on testosterone levels in men. This research revealed that a decreased level of sex hormones resulted in sexual dysfunction.

In line with this, the secretion of hormones depends on the body’s internal clock. Subsequently, sleep patterns come into play in enabling the body to decide when to release specific hormones. Adhering to a particular sleeping schedule can help treat ED by ensuring that those signals are vivid and consistent.

Keep tabs on your meds

Erectile dysfunction can come about due to the side effects of other medications. In fact, you are more likely to suffer from ED if you suffer from one of the following diseases.

• High cholesterol

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Heart disease

• Metabolic syndrome

• Parkinson’s disease

If you suspect that your current medication is the cause of your ED problem, you should consult your physician. However, you need not discontinue taking these medicines unless instructed by your doctor.

Herbal remedies

Another option entails taking herbs. Some of the tried and true herbal treatments for ED include red ginseng and pomegranate juice. Ginseng increase the production of nitric oxide, which then improves blood flow. Pomegranate juice is an example of antioxidant, which aids in preventing atherosclerosis.

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