Increase Lower Body Strength to Jump Higher Quickly

Your jump higher workouts should be a part of an overall jumping program. To jump higher quickly, you need to improve your speed, flexibility, body composition, and strength. You don’t necessarily need to hit all areas in the same day but each part should be addressed during the week.

One important part of increasing your vertical includes increasing your lower body strength. Contrary to belief, weight training won’t make you muscle bound. In fact, it can only improve your jumping ability as long as you maintain your speed and flexibility. Here is a sample of many jump higher workouts you can choose.

This workout will focus on your lower body. The goal here is to gain strength so you can explode to the rim or volleyball net. Before any workout you should be warmed up and stretched out. The stretching will keep you flexible and minimize injury risk.

The first movement is the squat. I would recommend a weight that you can lift for 5-8 reps. This is about 80-85{ab94462a053a2ab588073f1ce95eb9eb90ee27f61c6d82493022c3820c6de4c9} of most trainees max squat. All squats should be taken to parallel. If you are quarter squatter, decrease the weight until you can perform 5-8 reps to parallel with good form. After a few warm up sets, you will hit your working sets. There are many set and rep parameters you can follow. One of my personal favorites for strength is 5×5, meaning five sets for five reps. Another good set rep scheme is 3×8. If your working weight is 315 for 5×5, a progression could go something like 135×10, 225×3, 275×3, working sets.

Each rep should be explosive as possible. If you are starting light, as you should, these reps should be moving fast.

A follow up to this jump higher workout for strength would be a hamstring movement. Effective hamstring movements include stiff legged deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, and good mornings. These exercises should be performed with 6-10 reps. These movements hit the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. You should choose these compound movements over exercises such as the hamstring curl. Curls can be done later in the workout.

After your hamstring exercise, choose a quad exercise. Good examples would include lunges, step-ups, and leg presses. Following quads, choose a calf movement. These can be performed on variety of machines either standing or sitting. Hit your calves with high reps in the 15-20 range.

Now you are done the strength portion of this workout. Now you can do some sprints depending on how your workout is structured. The advantage of doing sprints on leg day is that your legs have a chance to recover the rest of the week because you did them all on the same day. The disadvantage is that you just hit legs and sprints may be the last thing you want to do at this time.

This was a sample of strength workout to jump higher quickly. Obviously this is a leg strength workout. To complete all your training for your jump training program, you need to hit some plyos, conditioning, and upper body strength work later in the week.

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