I Want To Lose Weight! Why You Don’t Want To Lose It Fast

Have you ever said to yourself, I want to lose weight fast?

Maybe you’re making plans to look better for the summer, or maybe you’re seeking to fit that wedding dress. Despite your plans, it would be a good idea to always be on the safe side before you make any decision.

Anyhow, is there actually a fast way to drop pounds?

The answer is: Yes!

But the real question is, do you really want to do it the fast way?

The concept of “fast” can vary from person to person. But if we are talking about the latest fad diets out there, it would be good to ask yourself if you really want to do it, considering that some diets could put your health on risk causing you other health related problems.

This will finally be your decision, but please, consider the following:

According to the experts many modern diets could really harm your health. My opinion is that you find a way of losing weight that will give you long-lasting results.

Some scientific studies suggest that if you are obese and lose more than 5 pounds a week you could actually be harming yourself.

One of the many bad effects could be gaining all your weight back again. In the long run you could end up really fat again.

How To Do It The Safe Way.

I would suggest that you educate yourself and learn how the internal mechanisms of you body work, and then try to fit your body’s needs.

The human body is fantastic. If you get to know your body’s internal chemistry you will actually help your body in a much more natural way.

According to certain studies, there could be hormonal and chemical factors related to unwanted weight gain.

Those same factors could also be preventing you from losing weight.

Take a look at some of the factors experts mention:

  • Your FAT (famine and temperature) programs (they are like light switches, which yo can turn on or off) are preventing you from losing weight. Most diets today don’t help you with this, instead they make the problem worse.
  • Stress. Many diets tells your body to enter fat storage mode.
  • Insufficient nutrients can make you body starve, which in turn will make your body produce more fat. Is you diet giving you all the necessary nutrients?

These are some of the very real factors that could be related to your weight challenges.

If you really want to lose weight, please, do it the right way, without risking your health.

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