How To Remove Blocks That Are Holding You Back From Your True Purpose

Many times in a person’s life, the things that prevent them from achieving their goals, or reaching their full potential, are not physical obstructions. The problem often lies on a spiritual, or metaphysical level, which can only be resolved by correcting the flow of energies within their body. Multiple techniques such as Reiki, visualization, crystal therapy and hypnosis can heal those issues.

Each individual has seven centers of energy within themselves, each one influencing different parts of their body, organs, senses, abilities and instincts. These are known as chakras and are an integral part of a person’s spiritual well-being. When one or more of these areas become clouded or unbalanced, it can result in negative influences that may affect physical health, emotional well-being, and functionality.

A lot of people tend to think that all problems are the result of physical factors or simply bad luck. In actuality, many issues come about because the individual is actually producing negative energies that are blocking them from making important connections with the world around them and may cloud their judgement. These obstructions can even evolve into health concerns and emotional disturbances.

Disturbances in one’s personal energy flow through the chakras can have an impact on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Stress may be elevated, which often results in feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, low motivation. It could also lead to the development of immune deficiencies, infections, allergies, inflammation, disease, and other types of health issues.

There are a range of techniques for healing available to handle these types of issues. Some people respond best to procedures such as Reiki or hypnosis, while others may get better results with crystals, meditation or transference. Working on a deeply holistic level, these treatments can help to restore a person’s vitality, mental clarity, inner harmony, self-esteem and connectivity.

The technique known as Reiki removes blockages in areas that are centered in one or more chakras by using the therapist’s transference abilities to eliminate negative energies and redirect the positive energies to those areas that may be lacking. This involves the individual lying on a table in a relaxed state, while the one performing the treatment places their hands just slightly above the body, creating a vibratory connection. They then channel the flow as would best benefit the sufferer.

Some people find that visualization techniques where they meditate and imagine the chakras growing roots that connect to each other and to the Earth, to be an effective way of grounding themselves and removing obstructions. Certain crystals such as obsidian, ruby, garnet, bloodstone, hematite, black tourmaline and smoky quartz, are commonly utilized in the cleansing of one’s energies. Many individuals respond well to hypnosis, which can help them to avoid certain behaviors and factors that may instigate the spiritual blockages, and find a clearer energetic connection.

While not all techniques are suited for every individual, discovering which works best for oneself can be quite beneficial in becoming more spiritually grounded, emotionally stable, and mentally clear. It may also lead to improved physical health and the reduction of various conditions that could be hindering one’s full potential. Relationships of a personal and professional nature often experience significant clarity once inner balance has been restored.

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