How to Make Your Child Eat Healthy Food

These days, when the fast food habit has taken all over the world, it is necessary that you teach your children how to eat healthy food on a regular basis. It is highly important to make your child get used to eating fruits, vegetables and cooked meals. This will allow him to develop in a harmonious way and grow strong and healthy.

The first step in attracting your baby or little child into eating vegetables is to make colorful dishes, which should attract their attention. When children are small, they find pleasure in things which look good and are as colorful as possible. This is why you will have to put all your creation at work when it comes to cooking the meals. Use as many vegetables as possible and combine them in an original way.

You can even make flowers, houses, trees and some animals from the food you have at your disposal. Also, you can add some animal shape pasta to your soup. Your children will be delighted with the idea and will eat just for fun. You can even dare them to find a sheep, a horse or a chicken and eat it. If you have more than one kid, you can start a contest and see who can find and eat more animals in a shorter time. This way, the meal time will be more like a game, a pleasant and tasty one.

It is highly important that the entire family eat at the same hour and the same food. If you set special eating hours for your baby and give him food cooked especially for him, he will feel excluded and refuse to eat. This is why, you should gather all he family around the table at a set hour, preferably the same every day and eat your meal together. If your baby will see that everyone else is eating what he is eating, he will try to copy you and eat as much as he can. He will properly understand the importance of eating and will no longer refuse to eat.

If you really want your baby to eat everything from his plate, you should make him a small portion. Giving your baby too much food and forcing him to eat it all is no good. He will probably refuse to do that and will become more and more frustrated. Thus, it is better to have small portions and let him ask for more, if he wants. It will be his decision as he probably knows better when there is no more empty space in his stomach.

Making your baby eat healthy and cooked food can be quite easy, if you are ready to wait and make him some concessions. Let him eat all by himself, even though this means more dirt on the floor and on his face, put small portions in his plate, make the meal as attractive as possible and eat all at the same hour. These simple things will make your baby eager for the meal time to come. He will eat his full and develop harmoniously.

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