How To Enhance Sexual Performance Naturally?

Perhaps the least understood aspect of sexual performance is the role that the mind has to play! Like a famous Indian writer once mentioned, most people have more sex in their brains than their loins! It is very likely that if men and women are given a placebo claiming that it can boost sexual performance there is every possibility that they can and will get a fantastic sexual experience purely based on the positive effects that the placebo has on the mind!

In spite of this background, it is documented that the foods we consume can play a very important role in determining sexual performance. However also note that a rich meal can induce sleep and laziness rather than a roaring sexual drive!

What is important is the arousal of passions for any decent intercourse to even materialize. The innumerable treatments on offer for sexual dysfunctions are far removed from arousing these passions. Drugs like Viagra, purported aphrodisiacs like rhino horns, tiger bones and hyena eyeballs or even treatments for premature ejaculation cannot arouse passions despite evidence or tall folklores. Natural foods are proven to help improve sexual performance. They can arouse passions and also in creating a desire for more passionate love-making.

Erections are obtained by a complex interaction of the circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems. Erection is not a male forte but women also experience clitoral erections and the same neuro-hormonal changes that occur in men during erections do occur in the sensitive tissues surrounding the vulva, the external parts of the female genital organs.

Arginine is an amino acid found in proteins. A diet poor in Arginine can lead to to a decrease in the numbers of spermatozoa. Arginine is an essential amino acid and is important for good nutrition. Granola, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, dairy, green vegetables, root vegetables, garlic, ginseng, soybeans, chickpeas, and seeds are all rich in L-Arginine. Long-term sexual health benefits immensely when one consumes a diet rich in these items. Chili peppers and ginger, by virtue of improving circulation and stimulating nerve endings enable a deeper sexual pleasure.

Women often suffer from vaginal dryness and this retards the sexual performance as vaginal dryness makes intercourse a painful affair. A diet rich in Soy prevents vaginal dryness by enabling the Estrogen to bind better to its receptors and this facilitates vaginal lubrication. Soy is also known to reduce the incidence of hot flashes in women of menopausal age and Soy can help restrict the enlargement of prostate thus increasing sexual drive in men.

Obesity can impair sexual urge, both as a physical barrier and also by leading to erectile dysfunction. Obesity leads to decreased Testosterone levels. Natural foods that are aimed at weightloss can improve sexual urge, desire and thus performance.

Avoid excess alcohol, Caffeine and sugar in the daily diet. Although these can temporarily provide a surge of energy, they only have short-term benefits like several sexual enhancement products. Stay away from cigarettes for better and lasting sexual performance.

Stress can be a big killer of sexual drive. Men and women who are healthy and stress-free lead more active sexual life than the contrary. A healthy lifestyle and natural foods are important for long-term sexual health.

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