Horse Supplements FAQ – What Are the Benefits of Omega 3 Oils?

We all are aware of the human benefits of Omega 3 Oils. So, what are the benefits to our equine friends? Here’s a frequently asked question, explained.

The average equine diet allows horses to consume both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. While both of these are vital, the dietary intake is often unbalanced in favour of the omega-6s and does not provide for adequate amounts of omega-3 oils. Utilizing horse supplements such as Codolette Crumbs or Equiform Equiflax can create the balance needed to allow your horse to have the optimal benefits from their consumption of the omega-3 oils.

Activate the Blood Cells

A group of University of Florida researchers performed a study of the effects of horse supplements containing omega-3 oils. They divided 18 Quarter Horse yearlings into 3 separate groups. Their diets were regimented to contain exactly the same feed in each group. The horses were fed a combination of Bahia grass pasture and grain-based concentrate. The researchers provided one group with horse supplements of omega-3 oils. The group that was fed the supplements resulted in red blood cells containing a vitamin E level that was twice that of the other groups. This is essential knowledge for those concerned that growing horses are not receiving adequate amounts of vitamin E in their regular diet. These essential vitamins and oils help promote a healthy heart and better blood circulation.

Reproduction Overdrive

The same researchers took note that all stallions that were given omega-3 horse supplements over a 90- day period increased their spermatozoa output. The overall viability and motility increase was 46{ab94462a053a2ab588073f1ce95eb9eb90ee27f61c6d82493022c3820c6de4c9} over the control group who did not receive the supplements. The control group actually showed no change at all. If you are looking into the world of breeding this is an important benefit that cannot be overlooked.

Arthritis Relief

Omega-3 oils have been proven to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation in people, so a few researchers at Michigan State and Texas A&M Universities decided to try it out on horses. The results of feeding the older horses the omega-3 oils over a period of 3 months were positive. Tests were run on fluid and blood levels as well as physical performance. The end result was that researchers claimed a noticeable increase in mobility and the amount of plasma in the animals taking the horse supplements.

Additional Benefits

Scientists are not the only ones promoting the positive aspects of omega-3 oils. Equine experts lay claim to numerous other benefits to feeding your favourite equine omega-3 horse supplements. These include:

  • A glossy, healthy coat
  • Stronger feet and proper development of the equine skeleton, muscles and brain for growing horses
  • Boosting the overall immune system
  • Increased respiratory systems
  • Calming agent for easily stressed horses
  • Helps wounds to heal faster
  • Aides by providing anti-allergy properties

The benefits of omega-3 oils found in horse supplements such as Codolette Crumbs and Equiform Equiflax are based in science and experience. Any person desiring to give their equine the best start at life, the optimal performance in competition, or simply wanting to ease the arthritis of their friend would do well to use the horse supplements recommended. There are too many benefits to ignore.

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