Home Run Hitter – 1 Strength Training Exercise For Baseball Hitters to Develop Serious Power!

Baseball hitting power is a skill that doesn’t come easy. All you can do is refine your hitting skills enough to make contact with the ball. After that it is up to your bat speed and core strength to get the ball up out of the park! I have included one exercise that will surely help your strength and conditioning training for you to develop some serious hitting power.

I am glad to introduce to you the single arm overhead kettlebell snatch! By now you my have either heard of the kettlebell or realize that this ancient strength and conditioning device is second to none when it comes down to developing superior core power for athletic performance. The overhead snatch is a strength training exercise that is great for developing your core power, shoulder stability, and stimulating your body’s neuromuscular response for athletic explosiveness! This is absolutely perfect for helping you to hit home runs.

The lift is performed by you picking up the kettlebell and executing the lift by vertically and explosively pulling it from between your legs and locking it out at a held position above your head. There is a necessary amount of proper technique that must go into learning this specific lift. You must know how to properly execute the high pull lift first. The high pull is performed by you forcefully flexing and extending at you hips and knees to pull the kettlebell to a high position that is lateral to your head. At this lateral position the snatch lift is completed by you vertically punching your palm to the sky and locking your elbow and shoulder into place. Once you do this 6 to 8 reps on each arm with a relatively heavy kettlebell you will quickly understand what I am talking about when I say “power.”

This strength training exercise for baseball should be the staple of your workout program. This particular strength training exercise will certainly build the muscle you need to take one “deep!” Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart my friend.

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