Golf Improvement Exercises: A Few Basic Ideas

If you play golf, whether you realize it or not, you are an athlete. And, what kind of athlete doesn’t exercise to keep himself in shape? A few golf improvement exercises will go a long way to strengthening your golfing muscles and making you more flexible.


First and foremost is stretching. This is a simple stretch to work on your body rotation. Keep you back straight and your shoulders level, and swivel around until you feel the stretching. You should be keeping your hips facing forward; don’t move your lower body at all. Turn as much as you can (but not so it’s painful) and try to look behind you.

Here is one stretch that will help you keep a good posture when golfing, and keep you from bending too much over the ball. It will also stretch your back muscles. Stand up with your back against a wall so that your shoulders, the back of your neck and the top portion of your back are flat against it. Keep you neck muscles relaxed. Press the backs of your hands and arms against the wall so that you feel it stretching. Hold it for about a half a minute.

Weight Training

One thing to keep in mind with your golf improvement exercises is that the most important part of your body for golf is the “core.” This means all the bones and muscles from just below your chest to your knees. You need lots of strength in this area.

Here is an exercise to increase your strength, speed and distance. Take a dumbbell or a medicine ball. Stand with your arms extended naturally, holding the ball. Take a step forward with one leg, so that the other knee is almost touching the ground. As you do this, twist your body to the same side as the extended leg, swinging the dumbbell in that direction at about chest level. Go back up and do the other side.

If you can get some fitness tubing, this is a simple but rigorous exercise that will produce results. Hold the tubing at about your hip, with your legs spread a little wider than your shoulders. Step forward a little from the tubing attachment so it becomes tense. Turn to one side so that you are pulling the tubing across your body, then do the other side. Once you see how fitness tubing works, there are lots of golf stretches you can do with it.


Another thing to keep in mind when exercising is balance. Here is a good balance exercise. Place an object on the floor a few feet in front of you. A cone or something tall like that works well. Stand facing it, with your hands on your hips. Now, lift up one leg, and keep it in the air the whole time. Slowly and carefully, stretch out the opposite hand (opposite from the leg that’s holding you up!) as if to reach for the cone. Try to maintain the position for a couple of seconds. After you’ve done it a few times, switch and try the other side.

There are so many golf fitness programs out there, that it can be difficult to choose the right one. These are some pretty simple golf improvement exercises that will help your game tremendously.

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