Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Routine With A Balanced Work Out

When designing a workout program you need to include a balanced selection of men’s exercises that will provide you with a solid all-over body workout.

A typical bodybuilding schedule will focus on different areas of the body over a weekly cycle. E.G Monday you might focus on core muscle exercises, Tuesday you might focus on shoulders, arms and chest exercises, Wednesday you might focus on leg exercises. You get the picture!

Having a balanced program means that your whole body is gaining muscle mass at the same. The last thing you want is a ripped upper body perched upon scrawny legs, or a six-pack cloaked by man boobs.

The type of men’s exercises that you incorporate into your routine should reflect where you are physically (start point) and where you want to be (end goal). What I mean by this is, if you are starting-out a little on the heavy side you will need more cardio and fat burning exercises than intensive weight exercises, but if you are starting-out a little on the thin-side then you will need to perform more weigh based exercises as these will help you bulk-up and start building muscle mass.

I am a little on the heavy side!

If a little over-weight then you need to plan your workout program carefully. Losing weight too fast can lead to man boobs and other such unsightly sagginess. They key here is balance, you need to devise a work-out schedule that offers the right mix and ratio of cardio to weight exercises.

There are many different men’s exercises that you can perform which will give you a great cardio fat burning workout while also providing you with a great total body muscle-building workout.

One such exercise that will provide you with a good balance of cardio and strength training is the humble Burpee. We all know burpees; somewhere in your life, someone has asked you to perform them, more than likely a Gym teacher or football coach. If you are overweight then the Burpee is a powerful exercise, that will burn away fat and give you with a total body workout.

How to perform burpees:

1 – Start from a standing position then squat down to a depth that is comfortable.

2 – Place your hands on the ground in front of you then kick your legs backward to assume a push-up position.

3 – Perform a push-up perform a single push-up and upon reaching the top position, jump back into a squatting position with your hands on the floor and your knees bent.

4 – From this squat position, explode off the balls of your feet, leaping as high as you can from that position with your hands in the air above your head.

5 – Return to the starting position and repeat

The burpee is not an easy exercise to maintain, however the challenge is part of the fun! Once you can perform 20 to 30 burpees in a set, you can ratchet-up the intensity by holding dumbbells in your hands as you perform them.

What if I am naturally skinny?

If you are naturally skinny, then how you approach your workout program will be very different to that of someone who needs to lose extra pounds. Instead of performing lots of cardio and fat burning exercises, you will need to put some fat on the bones, and perform weight-based exercises that will work your newly gained body fat into muscle.

When you are skinny, you have to be realistic about the size that you can expect to build your total body muscle. You can certainly add bulk but to what degree is largely down to genetics.

Men’s exercises such as the chest press, squats, lunges, dead lifts and biceps curls are fantastic for building muscle mass, for those who are skinny these exercises are best performed using heavier weights but with fewer repetitions.

Word to the wise!

The exercises that you perform as part of your workout program will only provide you with the desired effect if you have a balanced and nutritional diet. This is true regardless if you are overweight or skinny!

To get the best results from your workout exercises you need ensure your body has the right fuel and nutrients to power them.

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