Flexibility in the Workplace: Making a Single Mom’s Job Easier

What happens when your child’s teacher contacts you to inform you that your child is either sick or has gotten injured during recess? What do you do when parent-teacher conferences are scheduled during your normal work schedule? What happens when your youngster’s school dismisses early? What do you do when you are asked to volunteer at your child’s school or to chaperone a field trip? What if your baby wakes up with a stomach ache or with symptoms of the flu? If you are fortunate, you may have a relative or close friend that may be able to assist you, should an event occur as described above. If you are not as fortunate, how do you juggle your work schedule with your family life?

More and more women have entered into the workforce than in the past. Furthermore, there has been a large influx of single mothers working to make a living for their children. Several of these women have encountered a situation where they either had to leave work early or could not report to work at all, due to a family emergency. How can corporations make a single mom’s job easier?

Companies are always asking its consumers for suggestions on how to improve their products and/or services. Corporations should also consider meeting the needs of their employees. If you are a single mom that is trying to juggle family life and work, you might want to consider asking your employer to offer the following options:

o Flexible scheduling

o Job sharing

o Work from home

How do you ask your employer for these options? Should you create small talk by asking about the corporate golf outing or some other subject that he/she may be interested in? The best way to communicate your needs is to be open and honest with your employer. Express your concerns calmly and professionally. Let your employer know that you take your job seriously and appreciate working for him/her. By the same token, inform your boss that your family is very important to you and you would like to negotiate a more flexible schedule that will meet the needs of your current situation.

Some may argue that an employee’s personal life should not infringe on his/her ability to work. Realistically, we all have outside influences that may affect our work schedule in some form or another. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little flexibility in the workplace. Due to societal changes, more companies have incorporated flexible work alternatives. Not only will employees benefit from flexible schedule options, they can also help improve loyalty, morale, and performance in the workplace. Giving the gift of flexibility is valuable to any employee.

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