Fitness Ball Exercises – How the Abs Get Ripped With an Exercise Ball

For balance and stability, these ab routines are done with a fitness ball. Before you indulge consult your doctor first.

BALL CIRCLES – Sit atop the fitness ball with your hands touching it, or placed behind your head – a lot more difficult to do. Begin by slowly rolling your hips sideways to the right in circular manner. This action lets you do tiny circles and larger ones as you become comfortable. Do this for around 10-20 times for both the left and the right sides.

SEATED MARCHES – Straighten your back and pull your abs in as you sit on the ball. Execute a slow marching motion, lifting your left and right feet alternately. As you get used to the motion, lift your feet higher and at a faster pace. You may want to infuse some bouncing tricks on the ball as it becomes easier in due time. Do this in 1 or 2 minutes.

SEATED BALANCE – Seated on the ball with straight spine and with abs in, grasp the ball or place your hands behind your head. Lift either the left or the right foot and hold on for 5 counts. Do the same with the other foot for 5-10 times.

BALL WALKS – Sit on the ball with hands on your sides for balance. Contract your abs and start to walk as you slide your back down on the ball. Continue walking until your shoulders and your head reach the same height while your hips are held upright. Walk backwards until you reach sitting position again. Do this for 3-5 times. In case of difficulty, reach for the wall and hold onto it for balance.

BALL SQUAT – Press the ball against the wall. With your feet hip-width apart, walk right out a little so you rest on the ball. Bend your knees to a squatting position but not lower than a 90-degree angle above the toes. Use your heels to push back up. Execute 15 repeats.

PELVIC TILT – Lie on a slanted position on the ball with interlocked fingers behind your head and your abs contracting. Press the hips upward and downward without rolling the ball. Execute 15 repeats.

LEG PRESS – As you sit on the ball, move your feet forward until leaning position on the ball. Bend your knees as you roll the ball down the floor. Push backwards with your heels until you resume starting position. Execute 15 repeats.

BACK EXTENSION – With the ball below your lower trunk and pelvis, lie face down as you rest upon your knees. With hands behind your head or below your chin, roll the ball down as you contract your lower back in an effort to raise your chest off the ball. Hold your shoulders upright until you assume a straight line. Execute 12-16 repeats.

HIP EXTENSION – With ball beneath your heels, lie on the deck while keeping your abs stiff. Then slowly, lift your hips off the deck until the body assumes a straight line. Hold on for a few counts then relax. Have 10-15 repeats. For an easier workout, place the ball beneath your knees instead of your heels. Place your arms across your chest and follow the same sequence.

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