Feline Diabetes Helped With the Catkin’s Diet

Feline diabetes is on the rise not just in North America, but throughout the entire world. Cat diabetes in many cases can actually be prevented, or put in remission. In fact, if you just do one small thing for your cat, a lot of your cat’s health problems can be resolved. Of course that one thing is placing your feline on the Catkins Diet, a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and get rid of anything that has to do with dry cat food. Dry cat food is bad for your cat and actually causes many health problems.

The diet that is full of high protein and has low carbohydrates is ideal for your cat. This diet is commonly called the Catkin’s Diet, which is a takeoff of the low carbohydrate human diet named the Atkin’s Diet. But the good thing about this Catkin’s Diet is that it helps the pet owner remember what to feed their feline. The more the cat owner feeds a high diet of protein opposed to high carbohydrates, the healthier their car will be and become.

Why is the Catkin’s Diet a clear choice for the cat owner, especially owners that have diabetic cats? When a sick cat is placed on this diet, the cat will begin to feel better because he is essentially on what normal cats eat in the wild. Cats tend to eat once a day and eat small creatures like mice or birds. They do not eat manufactured, highly processed, low moist count foods, like dry cat food.

When a cat eats foods that are in cans, they tend to get more water intake because of all of the gravy. It is known that dry cat food has a ten percent less moisture intake then canned cat food and having enough water is essential for felines, even though normal healthy felines don’t drink much water. But if a cat has diabetes or other health related diseases, their bodies require extra water intake because they have to flush out the extra glucose that is in their system. They will require more water to do that.

The Catkins Diet should be fed not just too diabetic cats but also to normal, everyday healthy cats. Once a cat is placed on a high protein diet his body will react, and if you’re feline is obese, then he will start losing weight right away. You obese cat will want to continue to eat dry cat food, but after a while they will get used to the routine of eating wet, canned cat food. Sometimes pet owners run into the problem that their cat is picky on the wet food. If that is the case, do some experimentation on different canned cat foods, and sure enough, after a while your cat will eat the canned cat food, that is what the Catkin’s Diet is all about, getting your feline family member to eat better. There is, of course, better canned cat food then others. Some canned cat food has actually the same amount of carbohydrates then dry food. If the pet owner just sticks with the normal canned cat food that has gravy and chicken or beef, then your cat will thank you for it.

When switching to the all canned, Catkin’s diet make sure to do it slowly, that way if your feline does actually have higher amounts of glucose in their blood stream, they will need to be taken down slowly. If you slowly dish out canned cat food with a few handfuls of dry food, and your cat is not leisurely picking at the dry food all day, then he will have a better regulation of his blood glucose levels and your cat will be brought back down to normal levels. However, if you do it to quickly then your cat could have an hypoglycemic attack, where is blood glucose levels are radically low and he become lethargic then that could be a disaster. If you ever see your cat not behaving like his normal kitty self, make sure to consult a veterinarian right away. If your cat has any symptoms of feline diabetes or hypoglycemias then take him to the emergency animal hospital right away.

With the Catkins Diet, a high protein and low carbohydrate diet, your cat will surely be much healthier!

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