Fast Weight Loss Diets

Many offers and products that offer fast weight loss diets help you in losing weight but there can be a massive difference between weight loss and actual fat loss. After all, isn’t it fat people want to get rid of?

Basically most of these diets help you to lose water weight. This has not benefit in fat loss. Some even make you lose muscle mass too. Losing both water and muscle can make you look ill and is not the perpus in weight loss.

Another negitive factor with some fast weight loss diets is they can course your body to falsely think you are straving yourself. This makes your body and your metabolism store fat, instead of burning it. This puts the body in a state that thinks there is a shortage of food so storing fat will help keep the body going when food is low. A basic instinct of our bodies back when we were cavemen.

Fast weight loss diets are in general a bad things for many reasons, the two above are just a few. What I would perfer people to do is change their eating habbits for life. Doing this, you can be your best all year round and not have to worry about fast weight loss diets just because an event is coming up.

There is one weight loss diet plan that I have come across which can infact put your body in a state where your metabolism is in high gear all year round. Using what they call a “zig-zag diet”. Eatting low calories for 3-4 days then eating high calories for 1-2 days. This spike in calories gives your metabolism a huge boast and burns up fat at an incredible rate.

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