Fast Weight Loss Diets – How to Choose a Doable Home Diet

Fast weight loss diets are a dime a dozen, diets like the Cabbage Soup Diet, The Lemonade Diet, and yes not all diets are written exclusively for the benefit of the authors bank balance but some you just have to take with a pinch of salt.

Instant Success

We all want results and the faster the better, but common sense must certainly prevail. If you have only 5 pounds to lose, and this is the first diet you are trying, then sure you could shed all the excess weight in a week or two. However if you have 40+ pounds to lose, you might as well sacrifice a leg in the attempt to achieve your goal weight within two weeks. For after two weeks of eating cabbage only you will start to binge, if not from utter lack of energy, then from sheer boredom.

Your Cells Knows

Know that it is scientifically proven that the cells in your body, being very intelligent, will remember the previous starvation run. If you are following a yo-yo dieting lifestyle, your body will hold onto its survival stock (fat) for as long as it is possible.

Fad Diets

With every new fad diet you start and stop, it will take longer to lose some weight and quicker to regain whatever you have lost and more, especially when quitting the diet prior to achieving your goal weight and maintaining it for about six months.

What to Look Out For

When choosing a home diet, typically the ones void of weekly support meetings, look out for the following:

  • Reasonable weight loss goals, e.g:3 to 5 pounds per ten days.
  • Ensure the meal plans are broad enough to prevent boredom, especially if you have enough fat you want to loose.
  • The foods included are for their nutritional value – as this will benefit your health as well.
  • Includes the consumption of all fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminates the consumption of Corn Syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and unfermented soy products.
  • The diet is personalized to match your metabolic type.

There are lost of ways to lose weight, however starvation diets, using diet pills and meal supplements are not the answer to permanent healthy weight loss.

An added bonus would be the inclusion of detailed recipes, because often we tend to use incorrect base ingredients in the preparation of meals which is detrimental to our health and successful weight loss.

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