Eating for Energy Reviewed

Obesity and health problems related to a poor diet are becoming more common than ever in modern society. People are asking why this is? We are richer, have better public health and are more educated than at anytime in our history. Yet our busy modern day lifestyles added with the convenience of commercialised diet of fast food and processed ready meals means people are eating literally consuming more “junk” food that at anytime in history.

There are so many conflicting case studies and reports on this phenomena of the poor diet of nominally affluent Western societies. The success of British TV chef Jamie Oliver’s school dinners in the UK and USA highlighted the obesity epidemic facing modern society. But do we really need a TV chef to make us realise that poor diet and obesity will ultimately rush us to an early grave? There are many Papers, programs, magazines, academics, even TV programs trying to help us in our quest for healthy lifestyle, eastern yogic mystics, TV chefs the list is endless. With so much guru advice around what can really fit in with our daily routine?

Yuri Elkaim’s Eating For Energy is one program that tries to explain the importance of healthy eating and particularly the consumption of raw foods. It is not a typical weight loss program, in that its not just about diet but it wants to help people alter their lifestyles completely. His program’s aims for us to achieve a higher level of energy, reduce the risk of diseases, and improve people’s mental as well as physical health.

Yuri explains simply in his Eating for Energy book, the main thing we need to be aware of is the type of foods we eat. Most food is processed. Instead of these unnatural ingredients the emphasis should be on consuming more raw foods. Elkaim’s eBook guide ‘Eating for Energy’ is full of raw food recipes and guides. The major drawback is Unfortunately many of the ingredients Yuri Elkaim recommends will not be available at your local supermarket or grocery store, but most of the raw ingredients mentioned in his book can be bought in online shops.

This eBook is not just about losing weight but it is also a lifestyle guide on how we can improve our way of life. Elkaim effectively explains how a raw food diet can seriously improve the energy levels of the human body.

That being said, Eating For Energy does require a major lifestyle change for most people who are used to eating meat. Many diets allow for free range or organic meat but in this weight loss plan there is no room for any animal eating. It is easy to get alternative sources of protein so your diet will not be deficient in any area, but if you can’t do without a burger and fries each week than this really will be difficult for you.

This may be strict for some people, but the program does allow for 20{ab94462a053a2ab588073f1ce95eb9eb90ee27f61c6d82493022c3820c6de4c9} of your calories from “less healthy” sources. This will help people stick to the program and stop cravings. So a certain amount of a good free range organic meat which has shown to be fine in many dieting studies combined with the outlined diet can easily be incorporated into the program.

I believe this program is well worth reading, and even if you are unable to follow it exactly it really does provide some wonderful tips and analysis about how to cut down or minimize the consumption of processed food. I have really felt the benefits of this program losing a lot of belly fat, around 14 pounds by just cooking more from fresh and eating more “raw foods” like fruits and vegetables. Some people may even find this program suits them better than their current eating plans and will enjoy this diet more than they thought would be possible. The benefits of increased energy and wellbeing are well worth any sacrifice of cutting out some foods.

This program is detailed and very interesting to read. It may be a little over scientific at times, but overall provides great value for any health conscious person.

The only drawback this product has is that it is only available on the product website. Visiting the Eating for Energy review site will provide interested individuals much more information and details about the weight loss program.

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