Dreaming About a Special Person

Dreams about love are very common. If you are in love with someone you will surely have many dreams about this person. The unconscious mind is very generous; it sends you all the information you need about the special person in your own dreams.

This happens because the main function of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is to protect your mental health. When you are in love you can easily lose your mind.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung managed to discover the real meaning of the dream language and I managed to prove that his statements were real discoveries. This means that you can safely trust the information and the guidance you receive in dream messages.

The impression that dreams have no meaning or that they simply reflect our fears and emotions is totally false. Dreams about love contain important information that protects your mental stability and gives you a true vision about what is happening to you, about the personality of the person you love, and about your relationship.

If you keep dreaming about a special person, this is a serious indication that you must learn many things about them.

* Perhaps this is not the right person for you. You must understand that you will be hurt if you’ll insist on having a love relationship with them.

* Perhaps this person loves you too, but there are many complications in your way until you’ll finally have the love relationship you desire.

* Perhaps you have really found your perfect match and you must understand the importance of this meeting for your life.

* Perhaps there is someone else threatening your relationship with him/her and you must be aware of this danger.

There are numerous possibilities, depending on your case. The unconscious mind sends you many warnings when you are in danger. It also sends you many enlightening signs when you cannot believe that you have really found the ideal person for you.

If you have a problematic relationship, the unconscious mind will show you how to eliminate what is causing problems, so that you may have the perfect relationship you desire.

Even if there are not visible problems, if you have constant dreams about the person you love this means that you must understand something you ignore about this person. You have to pay attention to various details in order to save your relationship, or you have to understand that this person is not the idol you have in mind.

The unconscious mind sends you many dreams about the person you love when you are rejected or betrayed. You must understand their mistakes and stop believing that they were the ideal person for you.

If you keep dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, this means that you didn’t pay attention to the bitter lessons you had with your deception in love. You are still looking for a partner that has the same behavior of your old partner. You must stop caring about a person who won’t respect your feelings.

In case you have dreams about someone you met somewhere, but you are not so sure if you like them or not, this means that this person will become very important for you in a while. The unconscious mind sends you dreams about someone who will become a special person for you when you’ll pay attention to their charm even before you’ll notice their presence.

The unconscious guidance gives you relief, real solutions, and real protection. You learn how to interpret the other person’s reactions, what they really like, and how to avoid all conflicts.

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