Chakra Balancing the Reiki Way

Chakra is best described as one’s life force energy. It is our physical, mental and spiritual self. We absorb energy around us while at the same time transmit energy back into the universe.

Essentially there are 7 main chakras in the body. They run through the central line of the body, from the bottom of our spine to the top of our head. They influence your body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical ailments, thoughts and behaviour. If one a chakra is blocked, weakened or disrupted through such things as trauma (physical or emotional), injury, negative thoughts or feelings, fear, worry, anger, anxiety, depression, destructive relationships or neglect, it will result in an imbalance that will manifest itself in other area’s of our life.

Chakra #1: at the base of the spine represents – survival, instinct, support, peace

Chakra #2: at the sacrum and represents – desire, pleasure, emotion, yin/yang of existence

Chakra #3: at the solar plexus representing – will, purpose, energy, ego, power, freedom

Chakra #4: located in the heart representing – love, divine spirit, compassion, life, relationships

Chakra #5: located at the throat, representing – expression, truth, voice within

Chakra #6: located at the centre of the forehead, representing – vision, insight, imagination, clarity

Chakra #7: located on the crown of the head, representing – no limits, infinite awareness, wakefulness

Reiki with its gentle process through touch or touch-less therapy and pure in energy form, can balance chakras achieving stress reduction and deep relaxation. It triggers the bodies natural healing ability improves mental and physical health and maintains it. It gently balances our life energies and brings health and well being of the entire physical, emotional and psychic body.

Chakra balancing the Reiki way is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

When we are relaxed, we are stress free and we are better able to naturally heal ourselves. With regular therapy, one will increase the bodies built in defences to fight or prevent illness, feel more confident, think clearly, feel grounded, feel in harmony within one self and become better equipped to handle stress, anxiety, depression and life’s surprises and disappointments.

Regular Reiki treatments, while relaxing and calming also bring balance to chakras so that one feels refreshed and renewed mind, body and spirit.

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