Bosu Exercises

Bosu ball training involves both mind and the body. In general, the workout mainly targets your upper body, core, and hips, including cardio exercise that will help improve your heart rate.

Starting with a warm up exercise like standing up on the bosu balance trainer and slowly shifting your weight from foot to foot, during this warm up you can use your arms for the balance purpose, and then keep repeating this on each side. Other warm-ups are like triple squats and alternating lunges. In total the warm up will take maximum 2-3 minutes.

After you complete the warm-up you can start with lower body strengthening exercises. You can effectively use bosu ball for lower body exercises. Lower body strengthening exercise includes squat jumps, power lunges, hip extensions etc. A typical lunge exercise is good for legs and glutes and squats can be done with dome side up, down. Lower body exercise is useful for foot ball players.

Next is the upper body exercise which includes push ups that basically will strengthen the muscles of your upper body and arms. Other upper body exercises are such as fly exchange, one armed row and back extension.

Finally you are going to work out on the core exercises like full crunch, V-sit, plank, tilts.

While doing all of these exercises you must keep your body in proper alignment. It is normal to shift your body in order to keep balance, but make sure you don’t slouch. Slouching can cause problems later in life so try and keep out of bad habits early.

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