Bodyweight Exercises For Normal Strength

Bodyweight exercises are some of the best strength building exercises there are. Also, on top of that bodyweight exercises can easily be implemented into a circuit for some serious interval fitness training. This is not only good for strength building but also for fat loss.

We all know that to really build muscle you first have to build strength. This is a point that is all to often forgotten, I know personally when I am at the gym I am forever seeing guys sitting down and working out with weights that they have no business working out with. Generally doing half reps, and if they have a spotter a lot of the time the spotter is getting a better workout then the guy doing the lift.

It is my personal thought that before people start lifting weight they should have to master the bodyweight exercises. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

The Classics:

Pull-ups – The pull-up is a classic bodyweight exercise. It is really a key workout for your back and biceps, but like a lot of other bodyweight exercises it really uses a ton of other stabilizing muscles. I personally think that until you can do at least 10 of these you need to focus on bodyweight exercises.

Push-ups – Another great classic. The push up really works the front of your upper body, your chest, triceps and a ton of other stabilizing muscle are worked on the pushup.

Dips – Yet another classic. Dips are great for both triceps and chest and are a fantastic exercise to do when warming up for your chest day.

Some More Essentials:

Bodyweight Squats – These are a great exercise to put into interval training, because they will get the heart rate up and really pump some blood through your body. For some added resistance try one legged squats.

Burpee – This is another great exercise to add to your interval training routine. Not only will you be working on your legs and upper body, but you will also be working on your cardio with these.

Floor Mountain Climbers – Try these ones out if you are looking for a great way to work your core with both direct core work and cardio work to burn the fat. Remember bodyweight exercises not only can build muscle but they can also burn fat.

These are literally just a few of the numerous bodyweight exercises out there. You can literally build a entire workout routine around these and never get bored. They will not only help build muscle but also literally rip the fat of your body like you never thought possible. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of some great bodyweight exercises that you enjoy doing. This list can now be a extremely useful tool when deciding what to do in your interval fitness training routines.

Try picking a few of the workouts out of the list and building a routine around them. Work on doing each of the pure strength training workout for 15 – 20 and each of the cardio based one for about 30 seconds. You will be in great shape in no time flat.

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