Best Upper Body Exercises For Jumping Strength

When you are training to increase the height you can jump you generally do the required squats and plyometrics. But there are other exercises you should be doing that will give you a stronger core and upper body strength. Upper body strength is an important part of the overall strategy to jump higher.

Improving your core strength will help stabilize your mid section. The mid section of the body is used every time you make a move, such as twisting and bending. It can easily be exercised doing crunches and such but you can take it further with addition abominable exercises.

A couple core exercises you might want to try are planks. Lie face down resting on your forearms and up on your toes. Keeping your back straight, hold this position as long as is comfortable. You should really feel it in the abs. An alternative is on your side, again on your forearm and on the side of your feet with the body straight, hold as long as is comfortable.

Your upper body should be worked out using the basic exercises like bench press, barbell curls and over head presses. Do pull-ups for your back and arms, this is the best upper body exercise you can do. Try some whole body or the combat conditioning routines where you work your cardiovascular system along with your muscles.

Jumping rope and running stairs will help you develop endurance and strengthen your legs at the same time. Try running short, fast sprints; not only will this help your explosive strength it also helps burn calories to help keep your weight down if this is a problem.

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