Aerobic Exercise For Great Health

Aerobic exercise has the potential to dramatically transform your life. Health experts and scientists have long agreed that everyone should exercise aerobically on a regular basis in order to live longer, get healthier and look better.

Aerobic exercise involves any form of movement that increases your heart rate and causes your lungs to demand more oxygen. Typical activities that are good for aerobic exercise include running, jogging, swimming and dancing. As you move your major muscle groups, your body demands more oxygen and your heart beats faster. Aerobic exercise improves your circulation and exercises the most important muscle in your body – your heart.

It is recommended that you exercise aerobically for at least 30 minutes per week, three times per week. In addition, if you have a sedentary job, you should ensure that you regularly stand up and move around to avoid problems that can arise from sitting still for too long. If you are currently unfit, you should build up to 30 minutes per week gradually. Starting with 5 to 10 minute sessions and gradually increasing the length and intensity of your workout from there.

How to Monitor Your Heart Rate

If you are working out using an exercise machine, such as a cross training or vibration plates, your equipment will often include devices that can measure and monitor your heart rate so that you can get the most out of your workout. The basic formulae to measure your maximum heart rate is:

Number of Beats Per Minute – 220 – less your age. This will give you your ideal maximum heart rate so that you can ensure that you are workout to maximum capacity.

In addition to monitoring your heart rate, you can also use other measures – such as the ability to carry on a conversation whilst exercising. If you are monitoring your heart rate you will need to follow these steps.

1. Find your pulse – the side of your neck directly under your jaw, or at the base of your hand where your wrist meets the base of your thumb.

2. Count your pulse rate for 10 seconds and then multiply by 6

3. This will give you a rough guide to the level of exercise required.

Getting to Your Personal Best

It is important to continually challenge your body aerobically. Once you get fit and have a regular routine, your body will start to adapt to the exercise regime and you will find it harder and harder to keep your heart rate up and get a high intensity workout. Vigorous exercise and exercising for a longer period of time will ensure that you maintain your fitness levels. Also, playing a sport or mixing up your fitness activities can be a great what to boost your fitness levels.


Diet plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you derive the maximum benefits from your exercise routine. Make sure that you eat healthily and drink lots of water. Eat fruit and vegetables and keep you intake of sugar and saturated fat to a bare minimum. By eating a varied and healthy diet, you will be able to lose weight and shape up fast.

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