Adding Flexibility to Your Aquarium With Canister Filters

Having an aquarium in your living room adds overall appeal to the room making it livelier. In order to preserve the liveliness of your aquarium, you will need filters so that waste materials do not contaminate the water which gives the aquarium a dirty appearance and can endanger the life of the fish and marine animals in it. There are different types of aquarium filters that can do the job each with advantages and disadvantages and canister filters are among them.

About Aquarium Canister Filters

Aquarium canister filters serve as both mechanical and chemical filters that can effectively filter huge amounts of water. They are often made of plastic although metal canisters are also available for added durability and they are placed outside of the aquarium.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Because these aquarium filters are placed out of the aquarium, more space can be enjoyed by the inhabitants and the aquarium can look nicer since you can have a setup that hides the aquarium filter. The only problem with these canister filters is that they need to be cleaned more often than the other models since any debris that are in the water can easily clog the filter. On the upside, cleaning is a little bit easier since you do not have to reach inside the aquarium to do your cleaning routines. It is also possible to easily disconnect the filter from the tank without disturbing the inhabitants.

It is also important to watch out for leaks to avoid the common disadvantage of leaks when they placed outside. However, if space isn’t a big issue, some aquarium canister filters can be submerged in water. In terms of filtering strength, greater amounts of water can be filtered than even some power filters in the market.

What to Look For

Canister filters consist of many parts including chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration media. Some of these parts can get worn out eliminating the filtration capabilities which can be bad for your aquarium if it occurs at the wrong time. To avoid this instance, ask your local fish store if there are any replacement parts available in case they are needed. Since you can expect frequent cleaning of your aquarium filter, ask how easy it is to clean the unit and try to find durable models to avoid leaks. Also see if the canister is equipped with quick disconnect fittings because without them, a small leak can take place every time you disconnect and that can be inconvenient for some.

If you have a saltwater tank, make sure that the aquarium filter that you will get has a “Saltwater Safe” label. Failing to observe this and getting one that isn’t saltwater safe will cause the filter to fail when being used.

Aquarium canister filters are best for large aquariums where waste materials are often produced. This will increase the overall maintenance since you have to clean both the tank and the filter, but you will be rewarded with a better looking and flexible aquarium.

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