6 Great Exercises To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles are a group of muscles running down the center of your body and play a role in your overall balance and strength. They include your abdominal muscles, back muscles and your pelvis. It is important to strengthen your core muscles especially when it comes to exercise and getting in shape. Here are 6 exercises to help you strengthen your core muscles.

1. Yoga And Pilates

The most popular exercises for your core are yoga and pilates. You can find yoga videos and pilates videos online, on DVD, or even learn positions from magazines and books. These are easy to do from home and most exercises don’t need any equipment.

2. Planks

Planks are another excellent workout to strengthen core muscles. You may find them challenging in the outset, but you will find them easier over time. Planking is great for the whole body, from your arms all the way down through your legs. It is now regarded as being a much better exercise for your abdominal muscles than crunches.

3. Balance Ball

A balance ball helps you to concentrate on your core muscles when performing specific exercises. A balance ball can be used to do press-ups, ab crunches, plus more. Even just sitting on a balance ball rather than a chair helps you strengthen your core muscles.

4. V-sit Exercise

In this exercise, sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Lean back to a 45 degree angle and keep your arms out straight alongside you. Gradually lift your feet off the ground, using your core to keep yourself steady. Extend your legs out so that your body forms a “V”. Maintain this posture as long as you can, using your extended arms to help keep your balance.

5. Tucks

Start out in the same posture as the v-sit, leaning back at the 45 degree angle and arms straight out alongside you. Extend your legs out just like in the v-sit, but then bring them back to your body, not putting them on the floor. Replicate this motion ten times, rest, and then do it again.

6. Bicycles

Start off in crunch position with your hands either side of your head, reach your elbow to the opposite knee, stretching out the other leg. Repeat the motion, switching sides, and moving your legs just like riding a bike. Carry on with the movement for at least 30 seconds, before resting and then doing it again.

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