3 Basic Water Aerobic Exercises

Most of us don’t enjoy workout routines. It is more of a dull session that we carryout everyday to stay fit and in shape. Now workout sessions can be fun as well with water aerobics. Water aerobics are exercises that are carried out in a pool.

It is one of the best workout sessions that offer minimum impact. Also, it is said to have a low impact on the joints as well thus making water aerobics an ideal choice for those with knee injury problem due to workout routines.

Water aerobics offers complete body workout. It can be carried out by anyone; swimmer or non-swimmer. All you need to do is step into the water and get going. Water aerobics are getting popular day by day because people of all age group can get benefit and maintain fitness.

Water provides both assistance and resistance which helps in building strength and improving flexibility. It is for this very reason that water aerobics provide a complete body workout, from head to toe. By simply getting into the pool and get going with water aerobics you can tone your muscles, legs, strengthen bones and many more, in short a total body workout.

Three of the basic water aerobics exercises are given below.

1.Walking: This exercise is to be carried out in water that is waist high. Start walking to the waist high spot with your feet completely touching the pool floor. Make sure that your foot is touching from heel to toe. Your knees are to be lifted high up instead of forward and arms should be lifted up as well to keep yourself balanced.

2.Jumping Jacks: This is to be performed in chest high water. Keep your feet together and the arms at your side. You should jump and spread your feet apart while lifting your arms to the shoulder height and landing on your ball’s feet. Now jump again and return to original position. This is considered as one repetition.

3.Sprinting and jogging: First jog to the spot where the water is chest high. You should push off with the toes so that you are landing on your feet’s balls. Now adopting the same arm moving action, while keeping the fingers straight, as in real jogging to cut water. Make sure to lift your knees up high. After this pump as fast as you can your legs and arms. The technique here is to keep the head high and your core tight.

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