2 Exercises For Pilates Exercise Balls

In the beginning you may find it difficult to maintain your balance on Pilates exercise balls. However if you are willing to persevere with using such a piece of fitness equipment you will see a number improvements over the coming weeks to the way you look.

When it comes to using a Pilates exercise ball to improve the condition of your body especially to help tone muscles there are certain exercises you should be carrying out from the start. By following some of the exercises we mention below you will soon gain your balance and coordination which in turn will help the exercises you do become more effective in improving the condition of your body.

Exercise 1 – Basic Abdominal Curl – You need to lie on a mat with the ball placed under your knees. Make sure that you knees are together and bent at a 90 degree angle then place your hands behind your head keeping your elbows wide apart. Whilst on the floor inhale then as you begin to curl your head and shoulders off the mat exhale. To make sure that you don’t put unwanted pressure on to your neck make sure that your eyes are looking directly at your thighs.

Exercise 2 – Abs Curl with Ball Roll – Again lie on a mat on your back ensuring that your knees are bent so that your feet are placed squarely on the floor and ensuring that they are hips width apart. Now take the Pilates exercise ball and put it on your rib cage holding it in place with your fingertips. Then very slowly curl up your head and shoulders away from the mat causing you to roll the ball towards your thighs. You should inhale as you lower yourself back down and exhale as you raise your head and shoulders up.

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